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Coco e Boho Brasil is a female founded brand, owned and led by Andreia Schönenberger. She has been an advocate of boho style and handcrafted products. 

In 2021 she decided to make her own eco-friendly Natural Totebags displaying designs that attracts, made for daily routine.

The materials are from "Jaguaruana, the region of Hammocks", where they manufacture textiles and ropes from 100% natural cotton, in the state of Ceará, Brazil.


The technic of Macrame provides the possibility to create beauty in what is natural.

I love macrame as an art form. Created with natural cotton and great attention to details, which is important for a well weaved macrame, to give warmth and a cocooning atmosphere to a room.


Hand crafted, hand sewing and hand printed.

Natural Totebag is made of 100% cotton, hand printed by silkscreen process and the designs are applied using water-based eco-friendly ink. I believe that using natural materials will bring a feeling of safety and connection to the Earth. 


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