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Projetado na Suíça | Eticamente feito no Brasil

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Âncora 2 NATURAL

Our Project

Natural Totebag is made of 100% cotton, perfectly finished sewn, hand-printed by silkscreen process with water-based eco-friendly ink.

You can either have a custom-made bag with your Logo silkscreened, available in three sizes and two colors. Or purchase one of our printed bags from the Coco & Boho collection.

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White | Black | Olive Green

The bags can be sold with or without designs. In order to make a custom request, send a PDF of your design in A4 format by email.

We only print in black or white ink.

Sizes: M. 42x41cm | S. 37x36cm | SS. 32x32cm

Bags' prices from 5 francs and an additional 3 francs per print.

Friendship Basel

Friendship Basel is a Coiffeur, Skateshop and Subcultural studio in the heart of Kleinbasel. There you can find the Natural Totebags with Friendhip Logo and cool designs from Coco & Boho Collection.

Coco & Boho Collection

The bags are made of 100% reinforced cotton and side sew with bias strip, which makes the bag more robust. Hand screen printing is done with water based ink. By using natural materials we can create the idea to reduce plastic and reuse a durable bag. Natural Totebag fits perfectly to everyday use, for gifts and souvenirs concept.

Mohramar - Holzpark Klybeck

Mohramar Shop and Coffeshop is located at Holzpark Klybeck a place for culture, arts, urban wilderness, cuisine and dancing freedom. There you can find Natural Totebag cool designs and colors, with a special sale section. Find also handcrafted products from Coco & Boho.

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